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having a pet affects your HVAC system Madison County

3 Ways Having A Pet Affects Your HVAC System

Ways A Pet Affects Your HVAC System 

Although we know our furry friends would never do any harm on purpose, the truth is that having animals in your home can harm your air quality and HVAC system. While we love having our pets around, it’s important to understand how they can affect your home and your indoor air quality. 

Pet hair

We all know how much of a pain pet hair can normally be, whether it’s your dog shedding or your cat leaving you hairballs around the home. Although this might only seem like a small annoyance, pet hair can actually clog and damage your air conditioners and cause serious problems.

If too much hair builds up around an air filter, it might not function properly and it may even shut off completely to avoid a fire or other hazardous condition. Additionally, a clogged system won’t run efficiently, meaning you’ll get less temperature regulation and cooling for the same amount of energy being used. This could make your energy bills higher than they need to be, and nobody wants that!

How to deal with Pet Hair and Clogging

Pet hair in your home is inevitable, but there are ways to manage it so that it won’t harm your HVAC system. There are many ways to regulate hair before it builds up, including brushing your pet every day and vacuuming your home regularly. Brushing your pet prevents their fur from matting and also gets rid of any exterior dirt, as well as making them more comfortable. You can take your pet to the groomer to get a deep clean, or give them their own baths at home to keep them clean and keep their shedding to a minimum!

Cleaning your pet regularly works to a certain extent, however the most important step in protecting your home’s HVAC system is to change the air filter regularly. You can change it every 1-3 months to be safe, or even more frequently if you know there will be a lot of buildup from your pets.

Dander & Dirt 

Our furry friends leave plenty of dirt and dander around the house, along with their hair. Dander is made up of tiny pieces of skin that’s shed off by animals throughout the year, although it can be especially strong in the spring. If your pets like to play outside, it’s likely that they pick up some dirt on their coats that then gets brought into your house and distributed. Not only can dirt and dander settle on the surfaces of your home, it also gets into the air and can clog your HVAC system. This might disable your air filters from functioning effectively, or just be irritating to those in your home who have allergies or respiratory illnesses. 

Air Purification Systems

Since dander is microscopic and very difficult to see, having an air purifier in your home can be extremely helpful in keeping your filters and the air you breathe clean. Air purifiers take microscopic contaminants, such as dirt, dander, dust, and pollen out of the air to keep your home cleaner and healthier! This will not only protect you and your family from bacteria and viruses, but air purification systems also help your HVAC system to perform better.


Chewing can be an issue that might damage your HVAC system, especially if you have a puppy or a dog of any age, for that matter. Any exposed wires or hanging pieces of plastic on your system might get chewed on by curious pets who are close to the ground and have easy access to them. This can be damaging to your system, but more importantly dangerous for your pet. If you need your HVAC system fixed or need to have your system replaced, you can easily schedule service with Garrison & Garrison.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

In order to best protect you and your pets, we recommend that your HVAC system is routinely kept in the best shape possible! Our maintenance plans are focused on maintaining proper equipment operation and providing the best defense against costly repairs. No need to worry about loose wires, clogged filters, or inefficient systems with routine check-ups and proper service for ALL of your HVAC system components.

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