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05:53 21 Apr 24
I am incredibly grateful for Terrell at Garrison & Garrison. I had multiple HVAC companies tell me that I needed to replace my entire system at a cost of $14k – $17k. Terrell was honest and fixed my system and it works beautifully!!!! He took the time and effort to really do it right and do a good job!! I will hire Garrison & Garrison from now on!read more
Jan H.
03:31 16 Apr 24
We are very pleased with the work that was done. We replaced both units and they were professional, did a great installation, and the cost was exactly as quoted and installed on a timely basis. We got the best quality at a very reasonable cost and are so happy with the service from start to finish. Great system and reputable company to deal with, highly recommend them due to their integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction. We even got a follow up call a week later to make sure we were happy with the system and didn’t have any questions to using it. Highly recommend Garrison & Garrison!read more
Pamela E.
19:25 15 Apr 24
Excellent customer service
Stuart D.
17:13 15 Apr 24
Very professional and knowledgable about the system willing to answer any and all questions and or concerns we had.read more
Linda P.
00:54 11 Apr 24
Jeremy was the technician who came out when my air stopped working. He diagnosed the problem quickly, had to ordered the part I needed (which was still under warranty) and came back the next day to complete the repair. My air was back on in 30 minutes. He was very professional, explained everything to me step by step and answered all my questions. He even wore those little booties over his shoes whenever he needed to get into my house!I also received a very good price so I couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire experience.read more
James H.
00:43 11 Apr 24
We will always recommend Garrison and Garrison.
Kristen H.
23:35 10 Apr 24
Great service! We have been customers for about 20 years. They are trustworthy and always do a great job!read more
Ramona R.
23:33 10 Apr 24
Garrison and Garrison heating and air is an awesome customer service oriented business. They always arrive on time, and complete their work professionally and efficiently.read more
Damon S.
15:51 05 Apr 24
My technician l, Cody Davidson, called to let me know he was coming. Was very courteous and did a quick job with my maintenance.read more
Marne G.
02:04 02 Apr 24
Have used for over 15 years and recommend for trusted service
Cindy A.
22:42 01 Apr 24
Always professional and on time.
. B.
15:37 29 Mar 24
Ronnie came out to perform spring maintenance on my new HVAC. I explained that I have always heard a very loud noise when it turns off. He knew exactly what to look for to fix that problem. I am so happy with the service from Ronnie with Garrison & Garrison! Highly recommend them for any HVAC need.read more
Bob J. S.
00:04 26 Mar 24
Very good service, very nice, very polite. In and out with no disruption.
Todd H.
23:55 25 Mar 24
Great service! Honest operation.
Karen M.
21:14 21 Mar 24
Diligent and courteous, the technician Cody gave our HVAC a thorough check and explained the results clearly. We have every confidence in Garrison and Garrison, who were recommended to us by a neighbor.read more
Cathy S.
17:20 21 Mar 24
The Garrison service team has always been thorough and able to competently answer all questions.
Dare R.
15:08 21 Mar 24
Cody had performed the service on our HVAC units for a couple of years.I am very happy with him and his excellent work and performance.I am also very impressed with Garrison & Garrison regarding how they are actually doing what they say they will do, and what the outcome of their service has been.I intend to continue using them for my HVAC needs.read more
Greg W.
14:52 21 Mar 24
Excellent service, on time
Jennifer P.
00:59 21 Mar 24
Antonio was so very helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. He did an amazing job figuring out what was wrong with our AC!read more
Lauren K
18:49 15 Mar 24
Won’t use anyone else! They diagnose quickly and get you up and running. They totally explained the issue and made me feel confident in how to keep it from happening again. Great service!read more
neo M.
18:42 15 Mar 24
We always use Garrison and Garrison! They came out today, AC not working, quickly assessed the issue and even gave me tips on how to keep it from happening again. Really appreciate, great service!read more
Melvin C.
15:51 15 Mar 24
Arrived at time scheduled. Was thorough and professional. relayed and explained all fingdings.
Johnny M.
20:19 14 Mar 24
Antonio Rice came out today to check my unit for leaks. He was very professional and thorough during his call.read more
Stacey H
02:09 14 Mar 24
Easy to schedule service. Technician performed maintenance and fixed a problem with the system.
Adele L.
19:59 12 Mar 24
Garrison & Garrison is the only business I call for the two HVAC systems in my home. I’ve been burned by others after my original guy retired. I’ve been lied to and ripped off. I’ve had rodents chewing signaling wires, another wire physically pinched by a housing reinstalled 90 degrees off position, spiders building webs in condensation drip pipes (blocking flow), fuses installed in an improper sequence and a failed motherboard controlling electrostatic filters (thankfully covered under warranty).If my husband and I had hired G&G to replace our two units a decade ago, I suspect that we would have had fewer problems, but we didn’t know what we know now, and new products often have issues that only become apparent over time. No installation can be perfect but I can point to two different specific errors in my upstairs unit. One error can’t be addressed without replacing the entire system, and the other error was fixed by G&G years later. We kept trying to work with the original installers, but they refused to admit that they had installed systems that were too large. I was told that high indoor humidity levels were to be expected because “This is Alabama”… like I hadn’t already lived here for ten years and had never had 95% humidity issues when my old units were functioning. At this point, I have to install a whole house dehumidifier to avoid sealing my crawl spare and put one there (the other option to address the oversized units). Stupid, right? A/C is supposed to dehumidify! You’re probably guessing by now how infuriating I found it to be treated like I can’t understand basic physics.In contrast, the techs G&G sends out don’t treat me like I’m a fool.😅 I like it that they send only one guy instead of two. IMO, a second guy only increases labor costs, and usually accomplishes little because they are “being trained”. They admit when they are stumped (proof of professionalism!), call for support and do their best to solve my issues. It’s not easy to go up and down (what is in effect) four stories to check continuity between the paired units which cool my upstairs. I appreciate the tech checking for warranty coverage and explaining how I could bypass a faulty filter system feature if I wanted to save money and still have filtration.This is all on top of the fact that G&G techs are just nice guys, period. I think I’ve met them all by now! I’m looking forward to getting my HVAC units finally functional this summer.read more
Mary B.
18:19 12 Mar 24
Very efficient and explains everything. Very courteous, personable, and professional
Laura A.
17:32 12 Mar 24
The folks here are always professional and knowledgeable. They also honored our warranty when new parts were needed. I highly recommend them!read more
Fred T
22:06 11 Mar 24
Highly recommended and extremely satisfied. Beau and Brent did an outstanding job installing the new system answering all of the questions l had. They explained everything and cleaned up afterwards to my satisfaction. I have to admit this entire venture from David Johnson,who deserves 5 stars himself, to the completed job was very professional. They let you know that they really care about you being satisfied. Keep up the good work it’s a rarity during these times.read more
Anne H.
01:14 28 Feb 24
I was very pleased with the installation of my new hvac. The 2 young men who came to install it were very good and very polite. They also cleaned up everything and were very willing to explain and show how to use.read more
Todd B.
21:38 27 Feb 24
Garrison and Garrison always hire the best and polite technicians and we never plan to change companies. They are a great company.read more
18:42 27 Feb 24
Excellent customer service, technician was on time, respectful and very knowledgeable.
Kurt B
19:05 19 Feb 24
Professional Company. On time. Contact you prior to arrival. They do a great job explaining their work. Jason Sherrill is a top notch service technician.read more
John B.
17:34 19 Feb 24
Excellent, professional service. I recommend Garrison and Garrison to everyone.
Jackie W.
17:33 19 Feb 24
Antonio Rice was great! Very professional and knowledgeable. Plus a gentleman 😊😊
m v
22:16 09 Feb 24
Have an annual contract and the regular visits. Thankfully no emergency needs but willing to check out concerns/questions that come up.Very happy with the service. Have also heard good things from the employees about the company culture.read more
21:08 07 Feb 24
Their technician, Cody Davidson, came out and evaluated, serviced, and made any necessary repairs on one of my out-of-state clients’ HVAC units. They did a great job, showed up on time, were courteous and thorough, and provided quality work and excellent customer service. I’d use them every time. Thanks Cody!read more
Rosemary H.
03:00 07 Feb 24
Great service, technician was able locate the problem and got my heating fixed and didn’t overcharge.read more
Chuck C.
01:34 07 Feb 24
The representative was very knowledgeable and courteous.
Jonathan H.
00:32 07 Feb 24
Great service, knowledgeable staff and quick resolution to our issue.
David G.
23:59 31 Jan 24
I very highly recommend Garrison & Garrison for any HVAC needs. We were having issues with our heating system which were quickly and very professionally resolved by Ronnie Head. Ronnie’s extensive knowledge of the industry answered my questions and set my mind at ease. This is a great example of how a customer service business should be run. I’ll look no further if I ever have another heating or a/c problem!! 🙂read more
01:58 31 Jan 24
Above and beyond! The crew just left my house. My unit went out Thursday before the sleet storm. They haven’t been able to get on the roads until today.They arrived and installed it just as the rain started for the next storm. Thank you Garrison and Garrison, so much, for getting us heat for the next round of winter weather!Update: still AWESOME service.My old thermostat caused an issue. In the process, they came to my house 4 times making sure that we heat and it was fixed. In the end, we finally changed the thermostat and all is well.The custom service is real. They never put me off a day or two… I called, and they came. Mrs. Jones we are going to make sure and make this right.Wonderful company!read more
23:23 30 Jan 24
Professional, knowledgeable, timely and friendly service. I highly recommend Garrison and Garrison.
Jack B.
19:17 30 Jan 24
Great service.
Christie F.
18:39 30 Jan 24
Garrison and Garrison came to our house to give us a second opinion about our HVAC unit. Not only did they not charge us for coming out to inspect it, they fixed the problem the next day for over $500 less than the other company quoted the job! The other company told us it would take two weeks for them to get the part in and do the work. We were so pleased with the work Garrison and Garrison did and with the personality of the technician who came to our house. We will definitely call them first the next time we need help.read more
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