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Facts About Furnaces

10 Surprising Facts About Furnaces

Facts About Furnaces

We all enjoy the heat that our furnaces provide, but how much do you actually know about this extremely important appliance in your home? If you’d like to know more about the system that keeps your home warm in the winter, read on to learn 10 surprising facts about furnaces!

1. What parts of the furnace do the heating?

There are three parts of your furnace that do the heating: the burner, the heat exchanger, and the blower. Together, these three components produce the heat, separate the breathable air from toxic gasses, and circulate clean, comfortable air throughout your home.

2. What types of gas furnaces are there?

There are actually five different types of gas furnaces, which gives you a great selection for the type of air flow you want in your home. Package gas furnaces are inclusive and come with an air conditioner too. Downflow gas furnaces have airflow that enters from the top and hot air comes out from the bottom. Upflow gas furnaces operate in the opposite direction. Lowboy gas furnaces are designed for congested areas, and horizontal gas furnaces are perfect for an attic or crawl space.

3. How long have furnaces been around?

While some of the first central heating systems were created around 2500 BC, it wasn’t until 1805 that we saw the first model of a home furnace, created by Englishman William Strutt. It heated the cold air from outside and even had a duct system to spread warm air around the house. That makes furnaces almost 220 years old!

4. What is the average life of a furnace?

The average furnace lifespan is around 15 to 20 years if it’s well maintained, however with regular maintenance and repairs it can last even longer. Be sure to purchase a furnace that’s built to stay in your home for a while!

5. What are the two most common types of fuels for furnaces?

Not surprisingly, propane and natural gas are the two most popular types of fuel for gas furnaces. If your home is in a more rural area, your furnace will probably run on propane if gas pipelines aren’t set up yet. While natural gas is a cheaper option, it’s very effective – producing more heat with less fuel compared to propane.

6. What are government-approved installations?

Surprisingly, all furnace installations are government-regulated for safety precautions. All of our furnaces have the American Standard seal of approval so you can rest assured your system is durable and built to last.

7. Does it really matter if I don’t change my HVAC filters?

It really does matter! Be sure to change your filters regularly to be sure your system is functioning properly and efficiently. Clogged filters from hair, dust, and dirt can hinder your system’s ability to heat your home and can even be damaging in the long run.

8. Can anyone install my furnace?

No! Your furnace should only be installed by a trained professional. Having a system installed by anyone else can be very dangerous and also probably not successful. Make sure that you call Garrison & Garrison to talk to a professional about installing your furnace at home! We are up to date with city and county guidelines, and our technicians have been trained on expert furnace installation practices.

9. How much does heating cost?

The cost of home heating accounts for about 30% of your energy costs, which is a lot! Make sure that you invest in a trusted system and keep it in good working order with maintenance and repairs. Remember that your furnace will last you for over a decade, too!

10. What are the main issues for furnaces?

The main causes of filter damage come from dust clogging air flow, normal wear and tear, and electric ignition. There could also be an issue with cycling frequency, meaning that your furnace turns on and off too much. Most of these issues are caused by clogged filters and improper airflow, which is why it’s so important to change them and schedule maintenance whenever there’s a problem!

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