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Don’t Let Severe Weather Take Your HVAC System by Surprise

With summer comes storms in Huntsville, Alabama, and it’s important you’re prepared for anything. Whether there is a ton of rain coming your way, the aftermath of a hurricane, signals for tornado warnings, or lightning like you’ve never seen, your HVAC system could be at risk. With storm season underway, there is no time to waste on protecting your comfort system against severe weather. 

Protect The Outside Unit

Your outdoor unit is most likely to take the majority of the damage during a severe storm. If exceptionally high winds are expected, turn the outdoor unit off and securely cover it. Falling trees and branches, as well as the strength of the wind can be damaging to your system, but covering it with a tarp or a structural boundary can help minimize damage.

If there is any patio furniture or outdoor equipment outside, bring it indoors or secure it to the ground to prevent anything from flying away. Depending on the weather, even heavy objects can be picked up by the wind and blown into your HVAC system or your home.  

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Having your comfort system regularly assessed can help minimize damage to your system. The technicians at Garrison & Garrison are trained to detect parts that are on the brink of failure and repair worn out or damaged system components to help prevent a system breakdown during severe weather. 

Once storms have passed, if you see anything out of place, call Garrison & Garrison. We will ensure your system is running properly. As a member of our Priority Plus Maintenance Plan, you will also receive priority service which is very helpful during times like this! 

Turn Down The Temperature

If you know severe weather is headed your way, turn the thermostat down a few degrees. This will cool down your home before potentially needing to turn off the power to the HVAC system. Keep a watch on the weather channel, and if the storm hasn’t died down at all before reaching your home, turn the power off to the entire system. Possible power outages could cause a power surge, which may potentially cause irreparable damage to your comfort system. Remember, never turn your comfort system back on after a storm without assessing it for possible damage first. If there is flooding around the unit, wait for the water to dissipate before turning the power back on. 

What’s Next?

Garrison & Garrison is a trusted American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning dealer in Huntsville, AL. If you have questions about protecting your comfort system against severe weather in Madison County, contact us. You can reach us by email at [email protected], phone at 256-859-8500, or on our website at

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