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Light Commercial HVAC Services from Garrison & Garrison

Heating and cooling your Madison County business might feel daunting, but Garrison & Garrison is here to help. Commercial spaces have very different cooling needs than a single household, which is why your business should have an HVAC company that is experienced in heating and cooling businesses to help you determine the right system for your space. 

Some commercial spaces like high-rises or office buildings may require larger commercial HVAC comfort systems, while smaller businesses like restaurants, shops, and individual offices are perfectly suited for our light commercial HVAC options. 

Selecting a comfort system for your Huntsville commercial space will require one of our professional technicians to consider dimensions, climate, insulation, running costs, and more. Once our technicians have looked at your space and heating and cooling needs, they will likely select a split or a packaged system. So what does that mean? Keep reading to take a closer look at the most popular types of commercial HVAC systems we offer. 

Mini-Split Systems

For small businesses with multiple cooling needs, a mini-split system can deliver superior comfort. For small offices, boutiques, and salons, mini-split systems give you whisper-quiet, ultra-efficient comfort that can be placed virtually anywhere. If you need an affordable comfort system for your small business space, ask about our ductless mini-split options.

Split Systems

Split systems are an affordable option for smaller commercial spaces. These systems are ideal for shops, restaurants, and offices with multiple rooms as they allow temperature controls in multiple spaces. You or your employees can easily control the temperature from thermostats throughout your commercial space. Single split systems generally consist of an air conditioner and a furnace evaporator coil. light commercial hvac

There are several benefits to choosing a split system for your commercial space. They are often more affordable than large central systems, and they are self-contained so that the other units will continue to run if one unit fails. One downside to these systems is that each indoor unit requires an outdoor unit, which can take up space on your property. 

Packaged Units

Our packaged units go all the way up to 25 tons, so there is likely an option that will be suitable for your business. Packaged systems offer excellent heating and cooling for even the most complex commercial spaces. With a range of gas and electric heating options, packaged systems have various commercial applications from churches to restaurants. 

These systems are also an excellent choice for companies with minimal space as all components are stored in one place. light commercial hvac

Still Need Help?

Light commercial HVAC systems can be confusing. Even with the information above, it is always best to have a professional technician recommend the right system for your space. Garrison & Garrison is here to help with all of your light commercial HVAC needs. For more information, give us a call at (256) 859-8500. You can rest easy knowing your comfort system is in good hands with us. 

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