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Keep Your Home More Comfortable This Summer: Make it Warmer

Is the Title of this Article a Typo?

If you read the title of this article, you are probably wondering if this is a typo. Keep your home more comfortable this summer by making it warmer? In North Alabama? Who wants a warmer house in the summertime?

Here’s the situation: If your home has an HVAC system that is more than 10 years old, the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating is probably 10 or less. Chances are also very high that your current HVAC system has a single-stage compressor.

Single Stage Operating Systems

A single stage system cuts on and off continuously. When your single-stage system switches on, it runs “full-blast” until the temperature inside your home reaches the desired setting on your thermostat, and then it cuts off again. The single biggest energy usage of your home’s HVAC system with a single-stage compressor is when it cuts on and off continuously. When you open your door to go outside or come inside, your HVAC system is probably cutting on and off each time.

Today’s High-Efficiency Systems

Today’s high-efficiency home comfort systems are built to be much more efficient and reduce the humidity level inside your home. A new system with a 20 SEER rating will literally use 50% less energy than a 10 SEER system while keeping your home at the desired temperature. This translates into a much lower energy bill, sometimes up to 50% lower.

Another drastic improvement in today’s high-efficiency comfort systems is the availability of multi-stage compressors. A multi-stage compressor will run almost all the time. This significantly reduces the amount of energy used to continuously start and stop your system.

Multi-Stage System Advantages

A multi-stage system will run slower when it is maintaining the temperature inside your home (such as at night when it’s cooler outside), and increase power as needed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home at all times.

By running continuously, a multi-stage system is circulating the air inside your home all the time. The continuous circulation of air causes the humidity level inside your home to be reduced which results in your home to being more comfortable, even at a slightly higher temperature setting.

The Title of this Article is True

So the title of the article is true. You can make your home more comfortable in the summertime by making it warmer. It’s all about controlling the humidity inside and possibly investing in a new high-efficiency comfort system.

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