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Five Questions to Help You Improve Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

5 Questions to help you improve your HVAC system’s efficiency

Is your system the proper size for your home?

When it comes to having an efficient HVAC system, size matters. If it’s too small to meet the needs of your home, it will work in overdrive trying to meet your thermostat settings—and fail anyway while pushing up your energy bill. If it is too large, it will drain energy by powering up for a longer time than necessary. Finding your goldilocks solution with the help of our HVAC professionals will help you keep your home at that temperature that’s just right without having to pay extra.

When was the last time you scheduled a preventative maintenance check for your system?

Just like a car or our bodies, your HVAC system will regularly need maintenance checks throughout its lifetime. During a maintenance check, an HVAC professional will tune up your system allowing it to efficiently run at full capacity. He or she will also stop any issues before they get out of hand. Allowing you to have a system you can count on to keep you cool in the sweltering summers and warm in the frigid winters.

Has there been a change in the airflow coming from your system?

It may feel like your system stays on forever but never properly heats or cools your home. As it works harder to meet your needs, it also drives up your energy bill. You can keep your system running smoothly by changing your air filter every month to prevent clogs, clearing the area around your condenser unit, and having regular maintenance checks performed on your system.

How old is your home’s HVAC system?

Typically, an HVAC system can last between 15 and 20 years. After 20 years, your system may struggle to meet your temperature needs like it once did. If so, it may be time to compare the cost of repairs to the cost of replacing your system to a more efficient model.

Is your system multi-stage or single-stage?

Single-stage units are often used in very cold or very hot climates because they are able to meet the temperature needs. However, it only provides one level of heating or cooling regardless or just how hot or cold it is outside. A mutli-stage HVAC system can accommodate fluctuating temperature needs around the household by alternating power settings to conserve energy.

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