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Self Care Tips to Get You Through Fall & Winter

Self Care Tips to Get You Through Fall & Winter

Self Care Tips to Get You Through Fall & Winter

As fall arrives, we begin to experience shorter days, colder weather, and the hustle and bustle of holiday season schedules. With what seems like not enough time in the day, many people are also beginning to experience seasonal depression. To keep yourself busy and keep your spirits up, follow this list of self care tips to get you through fall & winter.

Have A Spa Day

When we say have a spa day, we do not mean go spend hundreds of dollars getting a professional massage or body scrub and mud bath. You can create your own spa day at home! First, take a bath to cleanse yourself of any negative energy. You’ll want to have some candles lit, toss a bath bomb in there, and even add some bubbles! You can also have a hot towel ready to lay over your face, or you could put a clay (or other) mask on and let it sit while in the bath. 

After your bath, put on some comfy pajamas or a robe and pamper yourself with a foot scrub and mani-pedi. Once your nails are done, find a comfy spot to lay down, listen to some music, and lay cucumber slices over your eyes. You’re going to feel completely rejuvenated after your spa day!

Do Yoga

Did you know yoga is proven to ease anxiety and depression? It’s true! According to a Harvard study, yoga can do this as well as reduce stress and improve energy! If you experience seasonal depression, yoga would be a great activity for you! There are tons of ideas online for yoga poses that specifically help to reduce feelings of sadness or stress, however, to get the best results, you may want to partake in a local yoga class. Instructors know the specific poses you need to be in and can help you achieve them. 

When doing yoga, the difference between feeling relaxed or strained could be moving your foot slightly outward and lowering your torso. An expert will be able to get you feeling your best! If you are unable to go to a yoga studio, at home yoga can still be a very effective form of meditation to get your mind in the right place.

Enjoy Alone Time

This fall and winter, it’s important to remember that spending time alone is not a bad thing. If you get bored easily, or feel lonely and sad when you’re by yourself, you need to change your outlook. There are tons of activities you can do alone to keep boredom out and happiness in! These activities include things like baking (or taking time to learn to bake), reading a good book, doing a creative project (like making a seasonal welcome sign), decorating, or even decluttering and deep cleaning. While you’re doing these things, have a candle lit, a wax melter going, or simmer a pot of cinnamon and cranberries on the stovetop to breathe in sweet seasonal smells while doing the things mentioned above. Certain smells are associated with feelings of calm and happiness. If you know yours, use that, or find some aromatherapy scents to help with seasonal depression here

Spend Time With Friends

While spending some time alone is extremely important, it’s always good to spend some time with friends and family as well! Surrounding yourself with people who love and care about you will always go a long way in making you feel happier and more at ease. Sometimes, when seasonal depression sets in, it can be hard to make plans to hangout with others. Before winter arrives, set some time aside to have a game night, a movie marathon, an at home spa day, or even a sleepover with friends! You could always plan to do a fun activity or go to an event together as well. Hanging out with others will remind you of how fortunate you are to be surrounded by people who love you, and it will help ease those winter blues. 

Purify Your Home’s Air

The air in your home goes a long way toward affecting your health. If you’re constantly breathing in unclean air, your health and, in turn, your happiness will be negatively affected. Make sure the air in your home is clean with an air purification system from Garrison & Garrison. Our air purification systems remove allergens, bacteria, odors, and even viruses from the air in your home so you can breathe clean air all the time. These systems are expertly installed within your HVAC system so you never have to worry about them! Visit our air purification solutions page on our website or contact us for more details. 

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