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Now is the Best Time for HVAC Installation

Are you considering buying a new heating and air system for your Tennessee Valley home? Installing a new system is not only a big investment, but it can be a cumbersome undertaking for some homeowners. It’s for these reasons that many homeowners put off purchasing a new air conditioning system even though their old system barely made it through the summer or has been causing problems. If your HVAC system survived the summer heat but probably won’t survive another summer, now is the time to replace your old system. Why? Because winter is actually one of the best times to install a heating and air system.

Comfort Systems Can Be Less Expensive in the Winter

Buying a new air conditioning system in the winter means you have the opportunity to save money. During the offseason, homeowners have the opportunity for unusual savings on HVAC systems. From discounts and rebates, homeowners who wait until the air turns cooler can take advantage of increased savings. Garrison and Garrison now has rebates/ discounts of up to $1000 or 0% APR financing for up to 60 months (with approved credit) on qualifying American Standard Comfort Systems.

Faster Installation

When the temperatures soar during the summer, heating and air conditioning contractors are typically overloaded with calls for air conditioning service in our area. Emergency services generally take precedence and you will most likely have to wait longer for basic installation. Scheduling service during cooler weather means you’ll have a better chance of picking a time and date that works best for you, or service that can be done immediately.

Less Inconvenience

The summertime heat in Alabama is can be quite brutal, especially when the heat is accompanied by its best friend, humidity. In order to install a new air conditioning system, you might experience some downtime and your home might be very hot for a period of time. Most people aren’t fans of the heat and humidity when temperatures reach the 90s. Choosing to install a new air conditioning system during the winter months means you won’t have to deal with the probability of sweltering heat for several hours or days while the new system is being installed.

Being in Control

Being in control of when you replace your home’s heating and air conditioning system is ideal. The best way to do this is to stay on top of potential problems. If your comfort system isn’t working like it is supposed to, consider calling a professional HVAC technician to inspect your system such as the ones at Garrison and Garrison Heating and Air. Low refrigerant, disconnected wires, dirty filters or air ducts, and clogged outside units can cause your system to run sluggish and put out an insufficient amount of conditioned air.

Regular maintenance checks are great ways to stay on top of small issues before they turn into a system in need of repair. Everyone likes saving money, which is why so many people put off calling for minor ac repairs.

If your HVAC system made it through summer but you know it probably won’t make it through another one, the opportunity for you to save money and time is by replacing your old system right now.

Less inconvenience, rebates and discounts, and scheduling flexibility are three reasons why replacing your home’s heating and air system during cooler weather is a great idea.

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