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HVAC questions & answers - first-time homeowner

First-Time Homeowner Questions & Answers – HVAC Edition

First-Time Homeowner HVAC Questions & Answers

There’s nothing better than when you first walk through the doors of the first home which is all your own. However, once the initial excitement winds down, you realize there are a lot of new things you’re now responsible for! One of these things is your HVAC system. HVAC is often confusing to many homeowners and forgotten about until something stops working. Don’t get yourself in this situation! We are here to answer all your first-time homeowner HVAC questions to ensure you know how to take care of one of the biggest investments inside your home. 

Do I need to have my HVAC system serviced?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should have your HVAC system serviced, the answer is absolutely, yes! Regular HVAC maintenance is crucial to your system’s success throughout the years. This is especially true when you’re purchasing a home with an HVAC system which has an unknown history. Your home inspector may have provided you with some notes on your system, but it’s best to have HVAC professionals out to inspect and service your system. 

At Garrison & Garrison we offer a Priority Plus Energy Savings Plan which includes two maintenance visits per year, a 15% discount on items such as repairs and indoor air quality products, and the benefit of knowing your system is being properly maintained. A maintenance plan will quickly pay off by ensuring your comfort system is running at optimum efficiency which reduces excessive utility costs. Also, routine maintenance can help prevent costly repairs before they happen.  

Is my HVAC system covered by a warranty?

Is your HVAC system covered by a warranty? This depends on the type of home you bought! If you bought a newly built home, you’re likely able to have your system registered and covered under warranty. With a pre-owned home, the HVAC system’s warranty may not be able to be transferred to you. This depends on the system’s manufacturer and if it was covered by the previous owners. Contact the manufacturing company to find out! It is also possible your home insurance covers your HVAC system. This depends on the terms of your policy. Read over your insurance agreement or give your insurance agent a call to ask. 

What can I do myself for my HVAC system?

Wondering what you can do yourself and what you should leave to the professionals in terms of your HVAC system? It’s good practice to leave most everything to the professionals, however, there are a couple things you can do yourself! Changing your air filters, cleaning your air vents, keeping the outdoor unit free of debris, and programming your thermostat are all things you can take care of. Most anything else should be left to the professionals, especially internal repairs. Trying to fix things on your own can void your warranty and/or leave you with a more expensive repair needed to be done by the pros later on. Call Garrison & Garrison when you need HVAC repairs or maintenance. 

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