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halloween safety tips

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

While Halloween is supposed to be a spooky holiday, you shouldn’t be scared of things going wrong! There are many ways you can prepare to keep you and your family safe as you participate in the festivities. Keep reading our list of Halloween safety tips for kids and parents so you can brush up on your knowledge!

Make Sure You’re Seen

It’s important to be aware of how difficult it can be for drivers to see trick or treaters as it gets dark. There are many creative ways to add some light to your costume to ensure that you, or your child is seen. Consider adding reflective tape, glow sticks, or blinking lights to your costume. An electric lantern can also add a rustic and spooky feel to your costume while still keeping you visible at night. Or, grab a regular flashlight to carry before you head out the door. 

Children are over twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than on any other day of the year. Along with making sure you are visible, teach your children to practice proper techniques to walk safely and slowly across the street. Remember, they’re excited but it’s important for them to stay calm.

Plan A Route Ahead Of Time With A Group

Nobody wants to be lost and wandering around at night. Get a group together and plan your trick or treating route before you hit the road. Choose an area that is familiar to you and all the other trick-or-treaters to avoid anyone getting turned around. You should also try and make sure the area you choose to go will be well-lit. Halloween is not the night to go explore unknown places in the dark.

Costume Considerations

Try on your costume before the big night and test it out around the house. An uncomfortable costume can ruin your night of spooky fun. Additionally, consider the length of your costume. It may be easy to trip if your costume is dragging on the ground or catching on things. If possible, choose face paint and/or makeup over a costume mask. These masks are often bulky and can obstruct you or your child’s vision. 

Sort Through Your Candy

When coming back home for the night, check through your or your child’s bag of candy. While it is rare, treats can be tampered with. Toss out anything that is already opened or not in the original wrapper. Any discolored candies or treats with pinholes in the wrappers should be discarded as well. When in doubt, toss it out. 

A Reminder

Garrison & Garrison wants you to be safe this Halloween, and when it comes to replacing your home’s HVAC system, we want you to be comfortable! Contact us for a free-in-home quote on a new system or for a check-up on your heating system before cold weather gets here.

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