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Air Purification Tips for Pet Owners

Air Purification

Is your pet your favorite family member? If you answered yes, you’re among the millions of us who love our furry friends more than anything! However, finding tumbleweeds of fur rolling across the living room and breathing in our pet’s dander on a daily basis is NOT our favorite thing. We can all agree on that. 

Don’t worry, though! There are definitely ways you can keep your fur baby around without having to worry about those issues. In this post, we’ve listed out some things you can do to keep your home and the air inside cleaner than ever, even with pets! 

Clean the House Regularly

Wiping down countertops, vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting regularly can help keep the air inside your home cleaner. These small acts make a huge difference in the amount of pet hair flying about your house or lying on floors and flat surfaces. Doing these things will also help decrease the build up of pet dander in your home over time. Rather than just spraying air freshener, cleaning will also help to actually eliminate odors from your pet, rather than masking them for a few hours. 

Cleaning does a lot more than just eliminating what your pet leaves behind in your home. Cleaning regularly helps keep dust, other odors, and even allergens out of the air in your home. Clean surfaces and floors weekly, and keep up with a deep cleaning every month or season. 

Keep your pets groomed

Want to cut down on time spent cleaning your home? Grooming your pets on a regular basis reduces shedding and decreases the amount of dander they’re leaving behind in your house. A freshly groomed pet also means pleasant or no odors, so you don’t have to worry about masking OR eliminating the smell. Regular grooming means less hair, dander, and pet odors accumulating inside which means we can spend less time cleaning our homes. As an added benefit, with less hair and dander in the air, your filter will stay cleaner longer!

Change Your AC Filters

Even with cleaner air, you’ll still want to check your filters regularly, meaning every 1-6 months, depending on the season and your situation. In warmer months, you’ll want to check your filter more often, especially if you have multiple pets or allergy sufferers in your home. 

Over time, pet hair and pet dander, and other airborne particles that get stopped by your filter, begin to build layers making it harder for airflow to pass through. This creates inefficient system run times and leads to higher monthly bills. Changing your filters based on your situation can keep this from becoming a problem. 

Our HVAC licensed technicians make specific recommendations on a home by home basis to ensure that you’re doing what’s best for your situation. Whether that means changing your filters more or less often, we can make sure you have the cleanest air coupled with the most efficient system. 

Clean Air Vents

Clogged air vents can cause the same problem of inefficiency and unclean air. With more particles caked around your air vents, the system will have to work harder for the air to pass through to heat up or cool down your home. When air does pass through, the particles on the vent can loosen and circulate throughout the air. 

We realize that it’s possible your air vents have never been cleaned. So, if you’re wanting to do more than just a quick dusting or vacuuming, read this article on how to clean your air vents from

Get an Air Purification System

Whether you’re doing all of the above tips or not, you should seriously consider investing in an air purification system. Our i-Wave Air Purification System installs in any duct air conditioning system to reduce pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts. Plus, with its revolutionary technology, it is more effective AND efficient than other air purification systems. Having an air purification system ensures you’re breathing the cleanest air possible while saving you time and money.

Get HVAC Maintenance

Although there are many important steps you should be taking yourself, it’s also important to get routine maintenance on your HVAC system by a licensed professional. This ensures your system is in tip-top shape and running at peak performance all year round. Our technicians can also ensure you’re breathing the cleanest air at all times by making recommendations to your individual situation. 

At Garrison & Garrison, we offer a maintenance plan that includes pre-season check-ups twice a year where your system will be professionally inspected, cleaned and tuned-up. By becoming a member of our Priority Plus Plan you’ll enjoy better energy efficiency, cleaner air, better home comfort, lower utility bills, and you’ll extend the life of your system.

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